DIY: Valentine’s Day

“It didn’t really matter till it was you I got to spend it with,” the husband said on our first Valentine’s Day as a couple. He’s not really a fan of “celebrating consumerism”. I, on the other hand, am a sucker for anything mushy! I’m a big fan of DIY and all the V-Day gifts I gave the husband were made with love. Heh. The first one was a mixed tape and the other one was a sketch of my favorite photo of us and coupons. This year, though, I haven’t really started on making a present yet. We won’t be spending V-Day together this year so I don’t know. But I scoured the web for DIY gift and decoration ideas.

DIY Valentine Bunting from The Glitter Guide

Valentine Lollipop Cookies

Valentine’s Day Paper

What do you plan on giving your other half for Valentine’s Day this year?

PS: Click on the photos for the tutorials!

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