Monday Mood Booster / 02

monday motivation

It’s the fifth day that Cadence is away. I miss her to bits, but I’m taking advantage of all the time to work on projects and things I usually can’t dabble on when she’s around. I found a few cool things I wanted to share with you. Hope this gets you in the mood for work or school or whatever it is you’re going to be busy with this week!

I didn’t realize the sound effects in Filipino sci-fi films that involve space actually sound like the real thing! I stumbled upon this article about NASA’s SoundCloud accountΒ and was blown away (into space. What?). And you can download the sounds, too! The one below is my favorite soundbite.


I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it before but back in high school, my aunt lent us her typewriter and I would spend so many nights just writing with it. We had to return it, of course, so I don’t own a typewriter anymore. But I found out there’s a hi-tech Hemingwrite typewriter!!! It’s weird but it’s the cool kind of weird.

I love reading about old things (i.e. history) and found this amazing tidbit.

Do you have a collection? When I was younger I tried collecting butterfly-related stuff. Yes, anything that has a butterfly on it. But now I’m thinking I’d collect experiences instead.

I loooooove Natalie Tran! She is hilarious!

If you have a Monday ritual or something that helps you get through the blues as the week starts, do share! I’d love, love to know!

Our Little Drummer Girl

When I was pregnant, I’d always tell my husband how cute it would be if Cadence would take after his musical inclinations and play the drums. If she does, I said, we could finally form a band. (My husband is a guitarist and I sing [sometimes although not very well].)

Two years later, what do you know? She loves the drums! I asked her one night while eating which instrument she wants to play and she smiled widely while tapping away. I find it amusing how an idea has somehow come to life. She might still change her mind but seeing her happy and excited about something just makes my heart swoon!

Do you/your kids play musical instruments? What do you play? (I know how to play just three songs on the guitar.)

What I Wish I Wore Wednesday / 03

If I ever get to experience fall, I’m sure it’d be my favorite season. The weather gets colder here as the year ends, too. But seeing green leaves turn to auburn sounds thrilling. And the dressing up part seems exciting, too. While I don’t want to think too much about plans of making the dream come true, I’d like to keep the inspiration flowing. Here are a few sets of clothing I wish to wear should I ever get to experience fall:

Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids/Cades*

Halloween isn’t something we celebrate in my country. But in previous years, I’ve noticed that the “tradition” is rubbing off on us. (And it’s not a surprise if we discover that it’s all brought about by consumerism). I’ve never been one to partake in such festivities… until I had a daughter. It was only when she was born that I warmed up to the idea of celebrating Hallow’s Eve and racking my head for Halloween costume ideas.

I figured she might look back on her pictures when she’s older and think it fun. I had a lot of Halloween costume ideas for her last year but we settled for a generic witch because we lacked time to prepare. I think I only decided to let her dress up two days or so before the occasion. We didn’t know there were events for kids near our place so she only wore the costume so we can take a picture.

I’m not sure how I can squeeze in DIY-ing Cadence’s costume for this year but I’ll try. And I’m hoping we get to dress her up as someone or something of note. I want to deviate from the usual Halloween ideas so I chose some characters/people whose traits I think would be good for our daughter to emulate. Here are my top picks:


Photos: 1 / 2Β / 3

1. Audrey Heburn

2. Frida Kahlo

3. Thor

*Cades is our daughters’ nickname.